Hi welcome to Phoenix Blazing Pixelmon!
We are a new server, and that's to say the least.
We will do everything to stay on the fore front of amazing and exciting new features.
Every donation will go towards a better brighter future, so that means every time you donate your directly helping yourself and the community around you!
I do have to say that's pretty awesome, so thank you.

Phoenix BlazingĀ 

1: Every Purchase is final, PhoenixBlazing does not provide any refunds under any circumstance.

2: Payment disputes or chargebacks will result in a automatic ban from our Minecraft server, this Tebex store and other Tebex services.

3: All prices are subject to change

4: All products are subject to change at any moment such as removal or additions to Ranks, Crate Key or Reward Contents.

5: Be sure to read our terms, because upon purchase of any of our virtual products means you agree to it automatically.