Terms and Conditions

By using this webstore, store.phoenixblazing.org, you accept the following terms and conditions.

  1. Standard Acceptance
    1. By joining, using or purchasing any virtual produce on mc.phoenixblazing.org, you agree to abide by the rules set and thus understand that in the case of violating any of these said rules, you can be sanctioned as our management team deem necessary. This includes but is not limited to, revoking access to the PhoenixBlazing network or removing items purchased. 
  2. PhoenixBlazing is not associated or endorsed by Mojang
    1. The PhoenixBlazing network is not affiliated or endorsed by Mojang AB, Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB. Any purchases made will go directly to PhoenixBlazing.
    2. Any inconvenience related to PhoenixBlazing must be dealt with directlyby the management team of PhoenixBlazing. Under no circumstances should Mojang be contacted to discuss problems related to the PhoenixBlazing.
  3. Changes without Prior Notice
    1. These terms and conditions may be changed without prior notice; all virtual products in this store can be modified without prior notice.
  4. Refund Policy
    1. All the products shown in this store are virtual  products and they are delivered to the PhoenixBlazing network.
    2. Virtual products are received up to 24 hours after purchase, depending on the payment method. Only contact the management team if it takes longer than 24 hours to receive the product.
    3. Claims and Disputes
    4. All sales are final, you may not buyback, stop, credit the server by any means necessary in order to receive your funds back. We reserve the right to disallow your continued play and not allow further funds to be added or taken away. We reserve the right to pursue any legal or collection action necessary to recover damages in the event of a forced charge-back. 
  5. Contact
    1. In the case that there is a question or problem, you can contract us via:
      1. Email - "[email protected]"
      2. Discord
  6. Legal Warning
    1. By accepting these terms you are accepting that you are over 18 years of age or, you have the consent of an adult who is authorized to complete this purchase.